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"Totentanz" Digipak CD 2016

9.00 / On Sale

This album/compilation contains two Blackdeath's early EPs: Totentanz split with Mortifera (recorded in 2004) and Totentanz II split with Leviathan (recorded in 2005). Released by the Dutch label Heidens Hart Records in cooperation with Brazilian Hammer of Damnation. For the sound levelling of Totentanz I and Totentanz II tracks Arjan Peeks made a mastering. Also for harmony of this album the songs from original EPs are slightly mixed up. The booklet includes the Asking for the Dance of Death text (the full history of Totentanz).

Pure Black Metal from Satan macht frei era. You can listen to this stuff at Blackdeath's Bandcamp account.

(Заказчикам из России цену релиза и условия приобретения можно узнать, написав по адресу colparabellum@yandex.ru)