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"Gift" LP 2016

14.00 / On Sale

The eight full-length album of Blackdeath on vinyl. Recorded in September-November 2014. The mastering was made in Endarker Studio by Magnus Andersson. Released by Heidens Hart Records.

True Black Metal: no folk, no post, no symphonic, no depressive - Blackdeath plays Apocalyptic Black Metal exclusively. You can listen to this stuff at Blackdeath's Bandcamp account.

Limited to 300 copies. Comes in a reverse board jacket with an inlay printed on art paper including lyrics. First 100 copies also include a big A2 sized poster (you can get it).

(Заказчикам из России цену релиза и условия приобретения можно узнать, написав по адресу colparabellum@yandex.ru)