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Blackdeath's & Nuclear Cthulhu's offical patches (SEPARATELY!)

4.50 / On Sale

1. Blackdeath's logo patch: embroidered, 13x10 cm, limited to 66 copies. Only few copies left.

2. Blackdeath's "A.M.S.G. 666" patch: embroidered, 8x12 cm, limited to 99 copies.

3. Nuclear Cthulhu's logo patch: embroidered, 10x7 cm, limited to 60 copies.

Make a choice of the patch. Each patch costs €4.50.

If two patches are ordered the total price is €8, three - €11.

(Заказчикам из России цену релиза и условия приобретения можно узнать, написав по адресу colparabellum@yandex.ru)